From the Palouse to Florida, Crows and Circus Tents…

May 13, 2019
Sam Vance

This weeks’ visual journey has taken me all over the map.  Sometimes I find inspiration right out of my car window as is the case with the Upstart Crow.  He was just hanging out, posing for me and I took a bunch of shots.  My sister, photographer Joana Espinoza, has been sending me shots of her town Moscow, ID.  She’s right in the heart of the Palouse so there is ample subject matter all around.  I love the old tractors, trucks, silos and signs that are just rusting poetically on the roadside.

And then there is the matter of the circus which never fails to provide a sinister mystery… so much color and promise with a dark underbelly.  There are stories within stories…

Lastly, Clean Restrooms is a sign that we saw on a road trip from Orlando to St. Augustine Florida.  We laughed out loud at the irony of “clean restrooms” at what used to be a gas station?  Rest stop?  Who knows?  But everyone in the car was yelling, “You have to draw that!” So here you go.



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